a crappy map I drew on a discarded padded envelope

The last Monday of my life as a gainfully employed adult in the near and foreseeable future was spent cleaning all the things, going to physical therapy (numerous knee and shoulder accidents and injuries from work, soccer, snowboarding, and being clumsy), packing, and cutting random things up with an X-acto knife.  On Friday, I will be officially (f)unemployed, unlike the vast 91% of the rest of you hard working Americans out there.

Sunday, I will be leaving on vacation with some friends of mine.  We’ll be headed to Cherry Springs State Park, the darkest place on the east coast, to hopefully capture some time lapsed photographs of the kosmos.  From there, we’ll head to Denny’s Beer Barrel and Pub for Ye Old 96er, their 9-lb burger.

Then, if we have time, it’s off to Cleveland.  I wanna eat at Lola or Lolita.  Maybe we’ll stop by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  Probably not.

BBQ in Tennessee and Kentucky.  Skip Mississippi and Alabama.

New Orleans.  We want to see the beaches and the spill — help if we can.  Eat there and reminisce about when She wasn’t quite so quiet and forlorn.  Dooky Chase, Willie Mae’s, and anything by Besh, maybe Emeril.

Florida.  Key West, Miami, the Senator.

Then we’ll head back north with a few stops in between.  We’ll see how it goes.

Check back soon.  A few changes to the blog coming down the pipes, once I find the time to do so.  And pictures, of course.  What kind of photographer would I be without pictures?

At some point, some time soon, I’ll head off on my own.  Head out west.  Cali.  Maybe I’ll drive up to Alaska.  See what happens.  I’ve got some ideas and only half a plan.

Some people think I’m crazy.  To that, I say: Don’t Be Afraid, You Have Just Got Your Eyes Closed.

Say cheese.


~ by headedoutwestlikemanifestdest on July 30, 2010.

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