Ye Olde 96er and the CLT CMDR

Cherry Springs State Park and the Perseids were pretty awesome.  The time lapse I created isn’t embedding properly and I’m way too tired to figure it out now. Just watch it over on my Facebook and I’ll replace this link with the video when I get some rest and faster internet.

Anyway, the clouds moved in at around midnight for about an hour, so we went for a walk around the mountain to play with Dan’s green laser pointer and to do some light painting with red-gelled flash lights and LEDs.

Left the astronomy field at around 9 and made our way to Denny’s Beer Barrel and Pub for brunch.  We ordered Ye Olde 96er, and split it among the four of us:

It was mighty impressive-looking, but was honestly not very good to eat.  It might have been the fact that we were late for our reservations, but the meat was extremely dry and crumbly.  The texture of the meat was also disconcertingly fine – not like a nice, juicy, coarsely ground piece of chuck, but almost like crumbs from a dry cake made strangely of beef rather than flour, butter, sugar, and eggs.

I don’t mean to insult the place, but that burger needed some serious help.  I slathered mine in mayonnaise to help with the moisture problem.  Still, I am glad we went there, if only to be able to see and experience this obese monstrosity.

Obese Monstrosity

I’m also glad because I got a shot of a bottle of ketchup that I’m happy with.

Does that make me weird?

Drove out to Cincinnati, Ohio.  Lots of douchebags on the road:


I mean really?  Do you really have to broadcast that info to everyone on the road?  Idiot.

Stopped to eat at the Montgomery Inn and Hotel, cuz we heard they made really good BBQ ribs.  They also made really good duck:


and a so-so pork chop.

Mac and cheese was pretty good, too, but I forgot to photograph that.

Dessert: Graeter’s black raspberry chip ice cream.  The chocolate chips were nice and soft, rich, and very chocolatey.  I’ve had Haagen Daz’s version before, which paled in comparison.

Drove like a maniac to stay at the Marriott near the airport in Nashville, TN.  Took a much needed shower and felt a little more human after a night’s sleep.

Lots more stuff coming up:  roadside boredom, high speed car photography, my glasses getting run over by a truck, making it into New Orleans, hunting for oil on the beaches in the Gulf, and finding the Senator in central Florida.


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